How To Take Care Of Ficus Ginseng

How To Take Care Of Ficus Ginseng
How To Take Care Of Ficus Ginseng
There are some easy guidelines that you will need to take into accout and comply with in an effort to turn out to be an skilled bonsai “carer” and we will present them to you within the following paragraphs.


A ficus ginseng bonsai have to be watered when the soil turns into dry. Sometimes, it can tolerate under or over watering, however in case you can, keep away from this as it could result in issues. The water have to be at room temperature. You too can spray the tree every day to take care of the correct humidity, however do not exaggerate with this. Additionally, in case you maintain you bonsai in a warm place, it ought to be watered more typically.

However, in case you place it in a cooler place, then you possibly can water it as soon as a day or each other day, relying on how a lot moisture it retains.


It is a important course of within the care of ficus ginseng. The miniature tree have to be repotted every spring so the tree has time to get better earlier than the growing period begins. When doing so, you will need to use a particular bonsai soil mixture that may be discovered within the specialty shops or online.

Root-pruning can also be a great choice for a ficus ginseng.


You need to remember the fact that this specific species is an indoor bonsai. In consequence, it can’t endure frost or cold temperatures. In the summertime, you possibly can preserve it outdoors, however provided that temperatures go beyond 15°C. Maintain it under loads of light each outdoors and indoors.

The ficus ginseng bonsai does not like shady positions. Additionally, attempt to keep the temperature fixed.


If you wish to take correct care of a bonsai ginseng and keep its shape, then you’ll have to prune it frequently. As soon as 6 to 8 leaves have developed, you possibly can prune as much as 2 leaves and over time this procedure will reduce the leaf size and encourage the foliage to thicken evenly on the bonsai.

You can too thicken the trunk, however solely after 1 or 2 years. On the time, the bonsai can be stable and healthy sufficient to endure the robust cuts and develop new shoots.


Through the summer season, you will need to fertilize the ficus ginseng bonsai each two weeks or on a weekly foundation. Within the winter, fertilize it each 2 – 4 weeks. Greatest to make use of natural fertilizer pellets or liquid fertilizer.
By following these fundamental steps and tips, you’ll find yourself having a healthy, unique and good-looking ficus ginseng.
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