How To Plant Tulip Bulbs In Autumn Season

How To Plant Tulip Bulbs In Autumn Season
How To Plant Tulip Bulbs In Autumn Season
Spring flowering bulbs bloom at a time when few different flowering vegetation are blooming. Tulips can usually be seen poking their new shoots by the snow, and they’re usually seen blooming throughout a late-season snowfall. To ensure that these early spring beauties to bloom at their correct season, tulip bulbs must be planted on the correct time of year. Tulip bulbs planted at another time of the year is not going to reliably bloom. Many will rot within the floor and by no means produce a single flower.

Plant within the Correct Season

To ensure that tulip flowers to bloom in spring, their regular blooming season, tulip bulbs have to be planted the earlier autumn. Plant them in fall, when the bulbs start to seem for sale in garden centers.
Tulips require a “chilling” interval of 12 to 16 weeks, to ensure that the bulb to set off its “flowering” by growing its miniature flower bud throughout the bulb. Plant tulips from early fall proper up till the ground freezes in early winter.

Select a Site in Full Sun

Tulips want full sun in an effort to bloom. Place your tulip bulbs in order that they may obtain full solar throughout their blooming season. Many types of tulips bloom earlier than deciduous trees have leafed out. This makes it potential to efficiently develop tulips beneath shade trees, the place there wouldn’t be sufficient sun throughout different parts of the growing season.
The perfect tulip varieties to plant beneath deciduous trees are those who bloom in early to mid-spring. Late-blooming tulips are usually not appropriate for planting beneath deciduous trees, as they typically bloom after the trees have begun to leaf out. Interplant late-blooming tulips amongst perennials. The tulips will present early shade within the perennial border and the rising foliage of the perennials will camouflage the fading foliage of the tulip bulbs. It’s essential to allow the tulip foliage to die down naturally to ensure that them to bloom the next year.

Plant in Fertile Soil

Enhance the soil within the space the place you might be planting your tulips. Loosen the soil by digging down about eight to 10 inches with a garden spade. Add an inch of peat moss and an inch of compost to the floor of the soil and switch it below to include these amendments into the growing bed. Apply 5 tablespoons of 10-10-10 fertilizer and a couple of cups of bone meal for every 10 sq. ft of growing bed. Scratch it into the soil with a garden claw. Repeat this utility when the brand new shoots of tulip bulbs emerge from the bottom the next spring.

Correct Planting Procedure

Tulips look greatest planted in groups of three to 5. Space these clumps about 24 inches aside, and space the individual bulbs about 6 to eight inches aside throughout the clumps. Plant tulips in order that the underside of the bulb is roughly eight inches under the floor of the soil. A great rule of thumb is to plant tulip bulbs at a depth that is the same as twice their diameter.
Place the bulbs in order that the pointed end is up, cover with soil and firm the soil gently; pressing down too hard to firm the soil can harm the growing tip of the tulip bulb. Water the planting bed completely after planting. Don’t give them any supplemental water till the shoots emerge in spring, and then only if rainfall is sparse.
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