How To Mow Overgrown Lawn Without Any Harm

How To Mow Overgrown Lawn Without Any Harm
How To Mow Overgrown Lawn Without Any Harm
There are various the explanation why lawns are left to turn out to be overgrown, the property could have been left vacant for a long time period, the property could also be rented and the gardens not cared about by both the proprietor or the tenant, a busy way of life could push our lawn care routines so low to the bottom of our listing of priorities that we notice someday we now have an actual problem with an unpleasant overgrown yard that now must be handled.
Regardless of the explanation why our turf could have turn out to be overgrown, it is now time to take care of the issue and to deliver our lawns again into full well being and control once more. Nevertheless, mowing an overgrown lawn can deliver threat of harm to the lawn if we’re not cautious in how we go about cutting back the excess growth, as mowing an overgrown garden can really lead to severely damaging the lawn or maybe even killing the lawn if the mowing shouldn’t be carried out appropriately.

Why Mowing An Overgrown Lawn Can Trigger Harm

All growth of lawns comes from part of the grass known as a crown. It’s from these crowns which spring forth new runners in warm season grasses, in addition to new lawn leaf material in all grasses. If these crowns are damaged or eliminated throughout lawn mowing then it turns into not possible for new lawn growth to happen at all, which in turn can kill the grass in any affected turf areas the place this happens.
In cool season grasses, if we kill the crowns all the affected area of turf can even die in consequence. Nevertheless for some warm season grasses such as Zoysia and Bermuda grasses, these garden sorts even have underground runners which might repair a lawn the place the above surface lawn has been killed or had its crowns eliminated with lawn mowing. Although it’s not a assure that every one warm season lawns will repair when they’re severely damaged.
The issue we now have with overgrown turf is that these crowns can increase far higher above the soil level each time the lawn turns into overgrown. Then once we mow the overgrown lawn at our regular lawn mowing heights, we are able to actually be eradicating the now raised crowns within the lawn mowing process, thus severely damaging and even killing the lawn within the affected area the place this has occurred.
We due to this fact want to adjust our mowing follow each time we’re tackling an overgrown lawn to deliver it back into an orderly state.

Mowing An Overgrown Lawn Safely

If we’re going to start to mow our yards more regularly from now on, then the easiest answer for us in managing an overgrown grass is to slowly cut back lawn mowing heights over time. Not taking an excessive amount of leaf material off within the first lawn mowing, and then maybe slowly decreasing lawn mowing heights at each third service, till slowly we get our lawns again to their optimum mowing heights.
This methodology is the most secure of all, and whereas it does take a while to deliver our lawns back to their greatest look, it’s going to never danger damaging the turf. What is occurring on this process is two-fold: firstly we’re never eradicating these crowns whereas lawn mowing, so the grass would not die off; secondly, because the turf is slowly being lowered over time, the turf will modify itself to this new growing environment by constantly growing all its new crowns at the lower heights that we now have introduced. Slowly, over time, we now have safely lowered the lawn height and safely trained the lawn to develop all new crowns lower and closer to the soil level the place they belong.

Mowing An Overgrown Lawn In A Single Lawn Mowing

As already mentioned, this will likely be safer to do with a warm season lawn than with a cool season lawn, so the danger and outcomes of this remain with the lawn owner or whomever is mowing the overgrown lawn.
If this can be a single lawn mowing meant to rapidly tidy up an overgrown lawn, then it might even be anticipated that we would not need to kill the lawn within the process. Due to this fact the perfect methodology of mowing an overgrown lawn which isn’t going to be frequently mowed thereafter can be to mow the lawn on the highest height possible which is appropriate to the lawn owner.
By mowing at this higher height we’re doing our best to not be damaging or eradicating too many grass crowns throughout the lawn mowing process, due to this fact it will give us our best outcome to take care of a lawn which stays alive and in the very best health after this lawn mowing. Whereas the lawn is not going to look at its finest, it’s the safest possible choice for us on this scenario and to make sure the continuing survival of the lawn.

Last Notes About Mowing Long Grass

There are sometimes hidden obstacles in long overgrown grass, this could possibly be anything from rocks, toys, glass, tools, or any manner of things. Such objects may turn out to be harmful if hit with lawn mower blades, making a projectile which dangers harm to people or property. Due to this fact all long grass areas ought to be carefully checked prior to any lawn mowing taking place.
Lastly, every time we take away plenty of grass leaf material with a single mowing, we’re going to be chopping into the brown thatch layer of the turf, and the longer the lawn turns into, so too will the thatch layer increase in height additionally. Due to this fact we should always expect a browning off on the grass wherever plenty of green leaf has been eliminated without delay. As long as the lawn is correctly watered and cared for after the lawn mowing, this thatch layer ought to decrease over a short time period and new green leaf grown by the lawn.
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