How To Maintain And Lay The Lawn

How To Maintain And Lay The Lawn
How To Maintain And Lay The Lawn
Lawns are nonetheless very much a part of the English garden. Whether they’re as pristine as a bowling green or merely an area for kids to play, the lawn has an essential role to play within the design of a garden. Maintaining the proper garden isn’t at all times on the top of our garden priority listing. And it is OK to not mind if our lawns have the odd patch of moss or a weed or two. Whether you’re after perfection or only a healthy looking patch of grass, there are some fundamental duties to think about when maintaining a lawn. You’ll be able to rigorously adhere to all of them, or simply decide those that maintain your lawn looking simply how you need it.

Laying a lawn

There are two methods to put a new lawn or patch up a piece of lawn – seed or turf. There are pros and cons to each. Grass seed is slower growing, prone to being eaten by birds and you need to maintain off of it for longer. Nonetheless, it’s faster and simpler to sow and positively the higher option for filling in patches. With turf you’ve got immediate grass, though you’ll want to maintain off it for some time till it’s established. However turf can be slower and tougher to put and is on the entire, more expensive.
In case you are sowing a lawn from seed, select a seed that’s proper for the purpose. As an example, in case your lawn is primarily for kids to play on, then select a rye mix that’s hardier and can stand up to a variety of put on and tear. One of the best times to sow grass seed are in September when the bottom continues to be heat however not too wet, or March when the bottom is starting to heat up once more.
You’ll be able to lay turf at any time of the year besides when the climate is frosty. Be sure you purchase good quality turf that’s at the very least two inches thick. Turf ought to be laid as quickly as it’s delivered, in any other case it could possibly turn yellow. With each methods, the area laid to lawn needs to be saved moist at all times and it is best to keep away from walking on it till it’s nicely established.

Lawn care

If an ideal garden is your purpose, you’ll have to work at it. If not, you’ll be able to in all probability get away with pretty common mowing and a feed a few times a year. When mowing, keep away from cutting the grass too quick or you’ll encourage moss to develop. Slightly and often is one of the best ways. Additionally change your mowing pattern as this can create a more even growth of grass. If you will water your lawn, be sure you water it completely. A bit of water even when carried out frequently, won’t make any distinction. In March and then again in October you’ll need to rake and aerate your lawn. Raking will take away any moss, whereas scarifying it with a spiked roller or piercing with a garden fork will assist your lawn to breath and help development.
Do not allow autumn leaves to gather and decay on the lawn, however sweep them up as quickly as they fall. Common lawn weeds such as dandelion and dock will be removed by hand or with a spot weedkiller. In case you are removing these weeds by hand watch out to take away the entire of the long tap root or the plant will re-grow. Lastly, feed your lawn with potash and phosphates within the autumn, and nitrogen in spring, to maintain it growing lush and healthy.
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