How To Grow Pony Tail Palm Tree In Dry Climate

How To Grow Pony Tail Palm Tree In Dry Climate
How To Grow Pony Tail Palm Tree In Dry Climate
Is there a decorative plant which makes a most lovely and strange sculptural silhouette, requires nearly no care and a focus, and is extraordinarily modest in its water needs? The reply is sure! It is the Pony Tail Palm, Nolina recurvata.
Pony Tail Palm, by advantage of its thick trunk and meter lengthy, grassy leaves, makes a really robust vertical accent within the backyard, rising to some 3-4 meters, and much more after very many years. Its distinctive function is the swollen base from which the trunk rises. On mature vegetation this could attain over a meter in diameter, and appears one thing like a large onion.
Requiring little water, the Pony Tail Palm is ideally suited to dry panorama designs. It may be planted in a mattress of ornamental pebbles as an example, or in a mulch of wood chippings, and goes properly with different vegetation of robust kind such as Dracaena or Yucca. In reality it may serve as the point of interest, or the dominant factor in a composition based mostly on decorative grasses and grass-like vegetation. For instance, it seems to be nice billowing out of a carpet of low growing “grasses” like Festuca, Carex and Liriope.
Pony Tail Palm ought to be used judiciously. It doesn’t go properly in my opinion with large-leaved and clearly tropical vegetation, however associates fairly properly with true palms. It’s generally grown as a vertical emphasis in a carpet of flowers. Personally, I believe this creates a specific amount of confusion, because the flower colour and the sturdy lines of the Pony Tail Palm compete for attention. Good design includes the proper relationship between a dominant issue, whether that be a sculptural plant or a mass of colour, and a assist factor such as a hedge or a green ground cover.
Pony Tail Palm must be concerning the best plant to develop. It’s as near being maintenance free as potential. Nonetheless, it does have its cultural necessities, which ought to be rigorously famous.
Probably the most essential is the necessity for excellent drainage. It’s preferable to under-water Pony Tail Palm than to over-water it. For that reason it shouldn’t be planted near vegetation that require frequent watering, such as annual flowers. In such circumstances the bulb is liable to rot.
Pony Tail Palm requires full sun, however can get by in light shade
Keep in mind that this plant grows very slowly. Because it wants room to develop, it shouldn’t be crowded out with competing species. Patience as ever is a advantage!
Photo credit: brewbooks on / CC BY-SA
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