How To Grow Mint Leaves At Home

How To Grow Mint Leaves At Home
How To Grow Mint Leaves At Home
Mint or Mentha is way more than a plant grown to brew tea. The fragrant fresh green leaves can be utilized within the kitchen to boost a fruit salad, sherbet, and ice cream.

Planting Mint

This aromatic perennial turns into a relentless, generally aggressive, garden companion. The plant is invasive, grows quick, and is hard to take away. It spreads via underground root runners. Discover a corner in your garden that you don’t want to use for anything.
You possibly can plant mint in containers, which will be buried within the ground. It’s also possible to use a big half-barrel or plastic tub and leave it outdoors year-round. Don’t maintain ceramic pots outdoor when temperatures drop. They often break throughout freeze-thaw cycles.
Healthy mint crops develop 1 or 2 feet tall. They require plenty of sun, moist soil, and compost in case you maintain them in pots. It’s a nice companion plant for tomatoes and cabbage. These herbs are fairly hardy. They are going to be among the many first greens to emerge in spring.
Decide what you need to use the mint for before acquiring shoots. There are numerous varieties, together with chocolate mint, peppermint, pineapple mint, spearmint, lemon mint and apple mint.

Harvesting Mint

You possibly can cut fresh mint sprigs any time of the year, however wait till the crops are effectively established for a rich harvest. You possibly can hack mint greater than as soon as in a season whenever you leave no less than 6 inches of stem. The crops recover quick.
Like most herbs, one of the best harvest time is within the morning, because the risky oils within the plant are then at their strongest. Wash and dry the leaves before processing. Freezing and dehydrating are wonderful preserving strategies. You’ll be able to air dry mint, or use the oven or a dehydrator to take away moisture. The opinions on perfect air dry temperatures differ between 70F and 120F. I set my dehydrator at 115F.
For greatest outcomes, store dried mint in air-tight, glass containers.
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